How to Fix a Broken Marriage Quickly

With everything in our world becoming more associated with quick fixes, people involved with troubled marriages have become too fast to pull the divorce trigger. It seems that most people are willing to sacrifice their marriage instead of trying to find ways to fix the actual problems. How to fix a broken marriage quickly? There are some relatively simple strategies you can take to begin the healing process in a broken marriage. Here are the basic steps to get you started.

broken marriage


Identify the Problem

Before you can begin to successfully treat the problems in your relationship you will have to identify exactly what they are. This goes much deeper than broad statements like “he won’t listen to me”. What you need to do is get to the absolute root of the issue. Why doesn’t he listen to you? Is it the way you speak to him or is it the request you are making? By focusing on determining exactly what is causing the various conflicts in your relationship you will understand the steps it will take to resolve them.

Expose the Issues

Once you have a good idea of what is holding your marriage back, it is then time to bring these issues to the surface. This means sharing with your spouse the things that are upsetting you while at the same time offering them a chance to share their thoughts in return. This can be difficult to do, especially if you have a spouse that is reluctant to share their feelings.

In situations where there is significant resistance, you will have to become more creative in your approach to the discussing the conflicts. For example, instead of surprising them with a list of your concerns at the dinner table, work the topics into your conversations at a time when there aren’t any distractions. Don’t begin with your issues first, but rather warm things up by asking them what they would change about your marriage. Once the topic is started you can slowly add your opinions to the discussion.

Making Sacrifices

After everyone has had a chance to save their peace, it is time to move on to solving the conflict. If your spouse is particularly hard to negotiate with, then you will likely have to be the first one to sacrifice something. Show that them you are serious about making changes by being more flexible with their needs. It may even require you to give back on more than one level in order to trigger a reciprocal action from them. The key is to understand that nothing will ever change unless changes are made, and the easiest way to begin is by being the first to take action.

There are simple steps you take to begin the process of saving a broken marriage. For starters, you need to identify exactly what has created the barrier between you and your spouse. From there you can work on the problems by bringing them to the forefront and discussing what each side expects from your relationship. Understand that it may take sacrifices from both sides, but you can make the process go faster by being the first to offer some flexibility. Ultimately, you will improve your relationship by discovering what you need to add to it.

Saving The Broken Marriage

Have you ever asked yourself do I actually want to stop this marriage? How much can it affect my children?These questions – and then some – should be pondered on before you make any decisions with regards to your marriage.

The manner in which I see it, marriages can always be saved when the two of you are willing to do it. If you and your spouse are prepared to improve your relationship, nothing’s impossible to save. Couples shouldn’t quit on such important matters – they are worth sacrificing for.

At one time, you’ve probably asked yourself: what should I do to rekindle the flame and make my marriage stronger? More often than not, giving the relationship a second chance is the trick. If you value your better half and are ready to save the marriage, then you ought to be willing to work on it.

Are you willing to pay attention to sound advice? Are you prepared to do what has to be done? Look at your current situation. Do you want to be happy again? Are you still willing to work on your marriage – despite the fact that you’re the only one trying?

husband try to save a marriage when only he is trying

If there’s one thing true with regards to a messed up marriage, it’s that it doesn’t only affect the married couples. It also affects their children, friends and also the in-laws. I guess it’s safe to say that it affects the entire family. This is exactly why couples need to work on their relationship at the beginning of the problem before it becomes more serious. Our obligation is not just to our spouse but to everybody surrounding us. This really is something we should be sensitive about.

When you begin a married relationship right, there’s no reason for it not to last. Especially when you place God in the center of your relationship and you allow Him to guide it into the right path.

Do you want to surrender your marriage even if it takes the kids as well as the whole family away?

Even though your marriage has been sitting on lots of problems and even when you’re already considering divorce – there is still hope. Even when only one of you is willing to work on the marriage now, it’s going to work out.

Although it’s tough to work on a marriage by yourself, you can make it work if you’re prepared to do everything. There are certain programs available that had helped a lot of other couples too. Save the marriage – it’s worth doing it.


Another option is to go through marriage counseling. A good percentage of marriages have been saved through this. Sure, it’s not easy especially for the first few sessions where the counselor would ask you, to be honest about what you don’t like about each other but this is a step to fixing the marriage. It will get easier as you progress and hopefully, it will help save your marriage.

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