7 Signs Of a Failing Marriage

warning signs of failing marriage

Many marriage end up divorce without knowing their marriage was in great trouble, not until the divorce came. How pathetic for people not knowing their marriage are failing until divorce. They may ignore the signs of a failing marriage or refuse to fix the problems. Either way, seeing a marriage turning bad before your eye is a painful experience. This pain will follow you from day to night, steal your sleep and wake you up in the middle night.

The serious marriage problem will not happen overnight. It is important for one to know the signs of a failed marriage and fix them before things get worse. The earlier the better. Our research has identified 7 common warning signs that your marriage are failing.

1.  You can’t do things right

No matter what you do, there is an unsatisfied eye on you. You can do nothing right and everything seems to need to be fixed in your spouse’s eye. The more skeptical your spouse can be, the bigger the trouble is. Or the other way around, you can’t live up what you spouse do and everything your spouse doing is a sore in your eye.

This is a negative sign to your marriage. You should seat yourself down and control your criticism, have a peaceful and open mind talk with your spouse.

2.  Assuming an affair

You feel anxious when you spouse goes out, worried about he or she is meeting someone outside. Although there are no evidence of disloyalty, these ideas just came into your mind. This can be a signal of a failing marriage. You are losing trust to your spouse.

You can suspect of an affair for many reasons, but they are same sort of reason, which is your spouse act differently. The best way to find out is to communication more with your spouse, rather than guessing.

3.  Less time in bed

Although marriage is not about sex, but a happy marriage can’s exist without it. This is vital part of a complete marriage. Are you doing less of this as you used to be? Less intention and frequency. This can be a bad sign, but don’t jump to conclusion directly. You should treat this with an open mind and find out the truth behind this. Don’t make any conclusion before you find it out. Can a sexless marriage survive? Read more here.

4.  Communication Problems

What’s the last time you and your spouse seat together and talk about what’s going on your mind? Do you tell your husband of wife your daily experience, who you met today and what you are considering now? And how about big issues, will you two discuss together and make decisions together? If you have negative answer to both question, you may lack social communication with your spouse. If you don’t discuss bigger problems together and make decisions by your own, it is more serious communication problems.

At this time, you should find the cause and try to solve it earlier. The information source is blocked and you won’t know what’s in his or her mind, he hates you or like you? Your spouse may even share feelings with third party which can make things more complicated.

5.  Fight for same issues over and over

Admit it. The thing you are fighting for is no big deal. These are all trifle but you two can argue about it over and over like the heaven is down.

Yes, there will be problems worth fighting for, no matter big or small. You can’t avoid every argument in marriage and sometimes it is a way of communication. But what I am talking is fighting same things over and over. It means the “communication” or “negotiation” failed, and no one makes concessions.

Fighting for same things over is because you do not value the others feelings or you don’t have enough affection to your spouse. No matter what the reasons is, calm yourself down and try to rebuild connection is the key to solve this problem.

6.  Spend less time together

What is the top causes of divorce? If you ask me. “Lack of time together” will be the answer. Marriage will be meaningless if you and your spouse are not spending times and doing things together. You are not having a roommate and even roommate will spend some time together.

Living together and barely speak a world per day is not spending time together, you are not doing thing together. What’s the last time you two walk together, see a movie together or sit and talk together?

If you ask me how much time is enough, my answer is always the more the better for your marriage. If you have spent enough good time with your spouse, you will know it. If you have not, spend more time on your spouse from now and you will see the difference gradually.

7.  Constantly Feel Angry

Everyone will have arguments with spouse and get angry, that’s what marriage like. But getting angry too frequency, this can be a sign of marriage trouble. If your marriage seems to be the source of anger and frustration, it is a warning that you should control it and solve this.

You need to rethink about your temper and your relationship. Find what cause you so angry and think about does it has to be? If it is your temper goes bad, learn self-control. But normally, you should work on both of your temper and relationship.

The pathetic things of divorce is not always about one person left the other. But it is you do not see when things come to you, you ignore all the signs and deny its happening and cause your failed marriage through your own hand.

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